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Recent Writings

Neo-Flagellantism and Oligarchic Projection

Introduction Within the Western civilizational sphere, the historical paradigms of guilt have been especially shaped by Judeo-Christian concepts of “sin.” While a meaningful discussion of Christian theology is beyond the scope of this discourse, the general paradigm is one in which “original sin” due to humanity’s progenitors caused all of humanity to be tainted with…

Epithets and the Infantilized Citizen

Introduction Slander and all of its myriad and derivative forms has been around since the beginning of Man’s capacity for complex speech. Likewise, the use of character assassination and defamation has been inextricably associated with politics since the very beginnings of organized political systems. While it is difficult to fully eliminate the use of these…

The Propaganda Pyramid

Introduction Propaganda and psychological warfare have been an integral part of authoritarian and imperial governance since the very beginnings of human history despite these concepts being primarily associated with modernity. While the art of psychological warfare may have been rudimentary in the past owing to technological limitations, historically the mastery of this art has often…

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