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Ethical Inversion, Moral Confusion, and Sympathy for the Devil

Introduction Throughout human history most civilizations have developed rich cultural traditions of a specific type of story-telling which has as its emphasis the transmission of values, virtues, and ethical constructs. The nature of the stories themselves can vary significantly and can take the form of folktales, fables, parables, allegories, biographies of historical figures, mythologies, philosophicalContinue reading “Ethical Inversion, Moral Confusion, and Sympathy for the Devil”

On Paradigm Shifting Operations

Introduction For the purposes of this treatise, Paradigm Shifting Operations (PSOs) are defined as extremely large-scale hybrid-type operations which involve elements of covert action, psychological warfare, propaganda, indoctrination, social engineering, sociocultural warfare, and psychological terrorism. The primary objective of these types of operations is the permanent and irreversible shift of societies from one paradigm ofContinue reading “On Paradigm Shifting Operations”

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