Refugees of the International Totalitarian Order

In Time of Peril by Edmund Blair Leighton. A noblewoman with her two young children and their treasured belongings seek sanctuary at the water gate of a monastery.


The traumatic and malignant transformation of civilizations in this current era has led to a mass awakening of yet unknown scale whose future effects are yet to be determined. A key component of this mass awakening is the realization by millions of people of the designs of the international ruling establishment as well as the true nature of the malignant paradigms which are being introduced on an international scale. This awakening has not been all-encompassing as there are still billions of people who are psychologically bound to the narratives peddled by the international propaganda apparatus. However, the fervent and tireless efforts of an informed minority has done much to awaken pockets of heightened political acuity and crystallized an informed and unwavering resistance against the international totalitarian order.

In the current era, mass awakenings have been successfully neutralized or coopted. This has been especially the case following the creation of dedicated systems of social control which have in turn developed a profound mastery of psychological warfare. What this has meant in practice is the effective subversion of mass awakenings and mass democratic mobilizations with their summary neutralization before such mobilizations can produce their intended reformative effects. A full discussion of mass awakenings and mass democratic mobilizations is beyond the scope of this discussion; however, it is important to stress that the ability of these systems of control to neutralize mobilizations is near perfect.

Especially as it concerns the contemporary context, the Coronavirus Paradigm Shifting Operation (PSO) (i.e. the coronavirus weaponized crisis) has been especially critical in awakening many individuals who would have otherwise been fully in the thrall of the paradigms and narratives of the mainstream apparatus. The true extent of this awakening is difficult to measure, however what is undeniable is that there is a significant percentage of individuals who have grown to acutely understand the nature of the agendas that are being introduced as well as have a better grasp of the systems of governance and control which shape the contemporary world. Key areas in this greater understanding are the realization of the trends towards totalitarianism, neofeudalism, corporate neofascism, technocracy, and supranational governance.

As is predictable and to be expected, those who have come to these core understandings are alarmed and legitimately concerned as it concerns this global descent into oppressive authoritarianism and totalitarianism. The paradigms which are being introduced are not to be taken lightly especially given the recent history of the 20th century. The 20th century saw populations taken by surprise by the sudden organized emergence of totalitarian movements which radically deformed the way of life of the afflicted civilizations. This rise of totalitarian ideologies led to hitherto unimaginable systems of oppression, unrestrained sadism on the part of governments, and industrial scale suffering and death.

Many of the laity in contemporary civilizations are (similar to their 20th century counterparts) in denial as to the overt trends they are collectively experiencing and refuse to accept what such trends ultimately portend. This is in part due to the innate disbelief by many individuals who experience such transformations and are suddenly confronted by extreme, obscene, and terrifying realities which are radical departures from their previously limited understanding of reality. However, in the contemporary context the greatest contributor to the collective denial has been the impressive efforts of contemporary psychological warfare campaigns directed at domestic civilian populations. These campaigns have been devastatingly effective in their ability to neutralize the intelligence, survival instincts, as well as the psychological integrity of their target audiences and has been ruthlessly effective in recruiting hapless gullible citizens into being zealous advocates for the agendas which are ultimately intended to crush, oppress, and enslave them.

The dichotomy between those who are awakened and those who have foregone the sovereignty over their own psychology is sufficiently extreme that it has engineered very potent divisions within society between these two demographics. These fissures in societies are further widened by the use of Divide and Rule tactics which seek to engineer social divisions for the purposes of preempting a unified resistance to the authoritarian exercise of power. The combination of the psychological warfare efforts is a population in which the few knowledgeable informed citizens who are attempting to agitate a greater awakening are effectively neutralized; this generally occurs either as a consequence of sociopolitical persecution by their fellow citizens or by having their efforts overshadowed by controlled opposition groups who themselves are inflaming social divisions.

These realities have caused there to be an impetus for the “awakened” to seek each other out and to begin taking the necessary measures to protect themselves and their interests. The situation can be readily likened to Germany in 1933 and the appointment of Adolph Hitler as the German Chancellor. Only the most astute in those early days could have correctly predicted the ultimate consequence of such a development. For the majority of the hapless German public, they were contented with assuaging their subconscious fears and limiting their own perception. Most followed popular trends and were the victims of the psychological engineering of propaganda. Indeed, it was quite easy to “flow” with the transformation than it was to incur social discomfort or the threat of being impugned for being “unpatriotic” or “un-german.” Regardless, past a critical juncture in the descent into totalitarianism the only legitimate course of action for a German dissident or a German Jew was emigration. This is functionally correct in modernity, save for the fact that in the contemporary context the totalitarian transformation is international in scope and is not limited by national boundaries.

At the current juncture there are only two reasonable available strategies for the dissidents and resistors:

  1. Stay and Struggle: stay in the current location and foment popular resistance against the totalitarian technocratic paradigms which are being constantly foisted upon their civilizations.
  2. Emigrate and Evade: emigrate internationally to a country which appears to not have yet succumbed to the totalitarian order and evade being under its dominion.

The Impetus for Emigration

Emigration will be a very enticing path for many persons, especially those who are at high risk for sociopolitical persecution or who have already experienced such persecution. In general there are two broad reasons for emigration: social issues and political issues. While the political issues of the rise of technocracy, totalitarianism, and neofeudalism will be discussed in further treatises, the social component will be addressed at this juncture.

Social engineering and sociocultural warfare on civilizations has led to the serious fraying and debasement of cultures as well as the aggravated deterioration of social unity. These successes in psychological warfare are magnificent developments for the international elite but they represent onerous realities for those living in corrupted societies. The word “community” is thrown around glibly by the international propaganda apparatus, however this rhetoric is hollow and deceptive. Propagandists are acutely aware of the general thirst for genuine community and to this end have coopted the term “community” and repurposed it for psycholinguistic manipulation. However, the “community” of which mass media refers to is in essence a neofeudal collectivist mindset intended to recruit popular support for criminal governments and criminal agendas. While in reality, the true sense of community has been so egregiously eroded as to be functionally nonexistent (especially in urban areas).

The insidious loss of authentic wholesome community has had incremental detrimental effects on civilizations with the growing absence of the benefits of true community being increasingly acutely felt. This has led to a loss of all the benefits that once existed in authentic communities. While not all communities have been identical nor have they all experienced excellence in the same areas, many communities had experienced highly beneficial dynamics which were integral to group solidarity and the collective wellbeing.

To recapitulate a relevant portion of the treatise Ethical Inversion, Moral Confusion, and Sympathy for the Devil:

“Eusocial Dynamics: a state of social dynamics in which the ideal paradigms have been attained resulting in profound individual and collective wellbeing. This idyllic state of functioning is usually achieved through collective conscious efforts and refined over time. Eusocial dynamics provide a great many benefits which can include:

  • Uncomplicated social dynamics with a tendency of being synergistic in their beneficial output.
  • High levels of individual and collective happiness, fulfillment, and quality of life.
  • Fast pace of social progress, civilizational flourishment, and enlightened social evolution.
  • High social unity and social cooperation.
  • High individual and collective resilience.
  • Tendency towards the safeguarding and protection of the interests of others in one’s community.
  • Tendency towards rapid, uncomplicated, and efficient cooperation in the face of adversity.
  • Tendency towards a productive arc of human existence with individuals often able to achieve their ambitions and attain great fulfilment and enjoyment from each of the phases of human life.
  • Tendency towards proactive organization for the furtherment of collective interests and ambitions.

There are many other benefits associated with eusocial dynamics that are beyond the scope of this discourse. While the natural tendency of humans as a species is to strive for eusocial paradigms, there are a great many factors which inhibit or block the attainment of this state. The intentional blocking of these dynamics often by powerful interests often causes this state to remain elusive for certain civilizations. In the contemporary setting, psychological warfare has especially targeted eusocial dynamics in an effort to undermine ideal paradigms of functioning and normalize dysfunction and corruption. For the purposes of this discourse the term “eusocial” is distinct from its use in biology although like its use in biology it is the conjugation of the Greek prefix “eu-” (meaning “good” or “ideal”) and social. Unlike its traditional use, the ideal social functioning solely refers to ideal human functioning within the normal range of human nature.”

Basic beneficence which naturally emanates from healthy communities is increasingly absent in societies which have been debased via social engineering and psychological warfare. These corruptions of community touch upon every aspect of life with the collective effects conferring a suffocating and oppressive quality to contemporary life. Basic issues of daily life are needlessly grating and onerous. Everything from finding a mate for marriage, finding a fulfilling job with proper pay, finding a suitable community to live in, raising children, attaining adequate education for oneself or one’s children, receiving holistic social support, cultivating true and loyal friendships, engaging in fulfilling community life, etcetera, are turned into daunting nigh insurmountable challenges which too often are unsatisfactorily or unsuccessfully addressed. What this has led to is to increasing social isolation even as people are crowded into closer and closer proximity.

For those who have experienced such spiritually inert and ideologically subverted civilizations, the prospect of emigrating to civilizations and communities which have yet to acutely experience the international social contagion is profoundly enticing. Indeed, when one has experienced prolonged unfulfillment from living in such regions, the refreshing experiences of being in a wholesome community is idyllic and utopic in comparison.

Furthermore, the avenue of emigration will be especially desirable if emigration can ever occur in coordinated movements in conjunction with the rise of communities of intention. Such communities of intention would allow for awakened individuals to thrive in communities in which they have safety, security, and power in numbers.

The Realities and Challenges

Whatever decision awakened individuals ultimately take, their decisions should be grounded and their analysis should be especially attuned to uncomfortable realities. At this juncture, there are trends within the alternative media sphere of pushing for communities of intention within totalitarian systems and individual’s being “self-sustaining” within urban settings. These suggestions are risible and the provenance of such foolhardy advice is suspect.

Too often the alternative media sphere forgets critical historical examples such as the “Partisan Review” magazine which was set up by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and was critical in shaping leftist thought in the United States during the Cold War. Propaganda rags such as the “Partisan Review” were critical in pushing the concept of “no growth leftism” which expounded ridiculous ideas such as “going back to nature” or adopting a political stance of not seeking economic and technological progress. Essentially this was the peddling of self-defeating ideology and the purveyance of weaponized “advice” in order to cause leftists to self-sabotage and undermine themselves.

This example needs to be acutely understood in the contemporary context. Totalitarian systems do not tolerate dissent or deviation from their will in regions under their dominion. Being “self-sustaining” or having communities of intention under technocratic totalitarianism will be as successful as dissident communities under the Third Reich. The Hitler regime did not crush all of its sociopolitical enemies at once, the Nazis systematically eliminated their enemies one group at a time spaced out over an extended period of time. This ensured that the persecuted groups would not band together and it was insidious enough as to not provoke a mass uprising. Persecution was spaced, systematic, and scientific in its application but the Nazi persecution was unrelenting and their control over Germany was total and all-encompassing.

Developments such as those seen under the Coronavirus PSO have demonstrated just such strategies: systematically alienating and attacking dissidents, frustrating attempts at mass mobilization, and employing industrial quantities of propaganda to placate and pacify the masses. The rollout of these agendas has been steady and scientific with few successes on the part of the resistance. To even propose “freedom cells” within these totalitarian systems is willfully denying the realities of the totalitarian systems of control and the astronomical power of those in control of these systems. There will be no hiding from the encroachments of totalitarianism and there will be systematically fewer ways in which to resist its onerous impositions or evade its systems of control.

The two options that are present (either stay under totalitarian systems or leave) require serious consideration as well as wisdom in implementation. If one chooses to stay in a country under a technocratically-inclined government, the only feasible option is being an active dissident and always striving towards organization and mobilization. Passivity and compliance will only facilitate the totalitarian transformation of your civilization. And even if one stays, one should have a “red line” in which, if there ever is a development that crosses that “red line,” one will not hesitate to emigrate. This can be readily likened to a German dissident having a “red line” under the Weimar Republic and being very judicious as to when to decide to leave rather than remaining in Nazi Germany and experiencing the oppressions under the Nazi regime and the tragedy to the German civilization that followed.

Similarly, given the international scope of the supranational totalitarian order, one has to be extremely judicious as to where one decides to emigrate. This requires political savvy and political acuity. Currently, the Coronavirus PSO provides a very clear demarcation between nations and governments who are in the thrall of the international totalitarian order and those who retain a semblance of sovereignty. Governments who are violating the basic principles of the Nuremberg Code and fundamental human rights are clearly poor options as far as emigration destinations while nations that have staunchly refused to abuse their domestic population represent (for the time being) a viable emigration option. The actual calculation and analysis will clearly have to take into account many factors including the likelihood of a coup d’état, color revolution, or an American military invasion. Such developments (as well as sudden political changes in which puppets of the international order are brought into power) can rapidly change the orientation of previously independent and sovereign countries and turn them overnight into regional satrapies of the international order. The likelihood of such developments must be seriously considered.


This “Century of Transformation” with all its malignant and reprehensible paradigms is one which increasingly cannot be tolerated by those who retain their independence of mind and their sense of dignity. What is yet to come is a difficult prediction, although a great much will be determined by the presence or absence of popular mobilizations and movements of applied democracy.

At stake is a great much: the best of what humanity can become, enlightened ideals, enlightened philosophies and ideologies, sacred values, the integrity of the intergenerational legacy of culture, and a fulfilling human existence. How each individual will choose to fight and struggle for the preservation of these enlightened goals is their own choosing. We can only hope to do justice in our life’s struggle and inspire others to fight for that which matters.

What shall ultimately befall the civilizations of the world is yet unwritten. However, where there is tyranny there will always be an impetus for authentic democracy, where there is oppressive imperialism there will always be the impetus dignified sovereignty, where there is exploitation there will always be an impetus for just commerce and humanitarian cooperation, and where there is unfreedom there will always be the cry of the human spirit to be free.


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