The Culling Game

A Slaughterhouse in Hellebæk painting by Carl Bloch


The history of humanity has seen profound and unimaginable cruelties being inflicted upon civilian populations by ruling elites. Ruling elites are very often apart from the general public and aloof as to the pain and suffering of those in the lower strata of society. Indeed, when combined with a sense of superiority and elitism, the ruling establishment of any period tends to view the rest of society as something between peasant and cattle.

Despite the ruthless approach the ruling establishment has towards domestic populations, in all eras of human history psychological warfare has been employed in some form or another to mis-portray the true nature of the ruling establishment and assuage the sensibilities of their subjects. Whether it be the “divine right of kings” or the “cult of personality” of 20th century tyrants, always there are campaigns to portray the leadership as wise and benevolent masters who should be obeyed and revered. This perception of the peasantry is in sharp contrast to the reality of a calloused and hedonistic elite who ruthlessly exploit those under them and view the lower strata of society with disgust and contempt.

Always the ruling elite have carefully crafted their designs and laid out their plans with an amoral and Machiavellic logic that knows not the restraints of ethics or the inhibitions of humanistic compassion. And generally domestic populations have been led to misperceive the nature of the agendas due to deceptive rhetoric and public relations campaigns. Especially when there are agendas at play which are especially vile and reprehensible there are compensatory public relations campaigns which work on the psychology of the subjects to convince them of the honor and beneficence of their overlords lest they become spooked and rattled at the sheer inhumanity of what is transpiring.

Despite the Machiavellianism and ruthless amoral decision-making of historical elites, the contemporary peasantry has not profited from the lessons of the past. Especially as it concerns modernity, psychological warfare and indoctrination are ruthlessly implemented to ensure that the contemporary citizenry remain exquisitely gullible and profoundly naïve. This has led to a public which is recruited again and again into championing heinous agendas and which allows themselves to be engineered into being weapons against their own enlightened self-interests.

Given this context, the contemporary international elite have chosen for humanity a future in which populations will be culled and in which future generations will be corralled into neo-feudal paradigms. This is well understood within the alternative media sphere. There remains debate as to why exactly the international ruling elite have decided to cull the world’s population, but the reality of the rollout of these agendas leaves little to the imagination as far as the seriousness of their intent.

The Culling

It is understood within the alternative media sphere that depopulation agendas of the international ruling establishment will take two general forms: infertility and chronic diseases for the First World and famine, pestilence, and the ravages of war for the Third World. Of course, this ruthless evil is given the predictable public relations “make-over” and is accompanied by highly effective psychological warfare campaigns. The effectiveness of these psychological warfare campaigns should not be underestimated as they quickly turn large portions of populations into zealous supporters of unconscionable agendas which the public never truly understands.

As it concerns the engineering of chronic diseases and premature death in the First World this is to be accomplished via toxic exposure from a myriad of different avenues. In the American context this specifically entails:

  • Tainted Foods: toxic food additives, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) foodstuffs, toxic herbicides and pesticides, etcetera.
  • Shoddy Vaccines: toxic vaccines made possible via legal indemnification and the continued use of exceedingly toxic adjuvants.
  • Industrial Toxins: ubiquitous industrial toxins which are improperly regulated and have wide ranging effects on human health.
  • Tainted Water Supply: water fluoridation in most regions and heavy metal poisoning (e.g. lead) in certain regions.
  • Addiction: epidemic levels of opiate addiction with has led to thousands of dead each year.
  • Pharmaceuticals: toxic side effects of pharmaceuticals consequent to the increasing dependence on medications for the treatment of chronic diseases.
  • Electromagnetic Toxicity: ubiquitous and excessive electromagnetic radiation with poorly studied toxic effects on human health.

What this has collectively led to is an American population which has experienced an explosion in cancer rates and an alarming spike in mysterious ailments. The epidemiological nightmare that has been foisted upon American audiences is excused by simple albeit effective rhetoric: “modern medicine has become better at diagnosing disease X” or “disease Y is the patient’s fault for their own choices.” The rationalization however cannot explain the spike in certain diseases following the introduction of certain elements into the American population. Always there is rationalization and redirection, rarely is there a reckoning for the reckless endangerment of the American public or the disregard for their health and safety.

Issues such as cancer which used to be exceedingly rare have become in modernity painfully common. The whole of science is still attempting to unravel the “mysteries” of cancer and given their current rate and the explosion in cancer rates they will likely be working on this “baffling” enigma for the next thousand years. And always, the ultimate culprits and causative agents of the epidemic levels of cancers are ignored and attention redirected towards erroneous causation.

As far as the culling of the First World, it must also be mentioned that social engineering of populations has been sufficiently effective that modern man and modern woman are increasingly unable to form lifelong pair-bonds. Contemporary societies are filled with psychologically broken individuals who are so thoroughly damaged that they do not have the basic psychological constitution necessary to form a successful marital union and a fruitful nuclear family. This has led to an infertility via isolation in which many individuals may be prolific in their sexual activities (hypersexuality) but are ultimately unable to form the necessary relations at the appropriate age in order to produce offspring. Compounded with this trend is the weaponization of sexuality and identity which is intended to promote increasingly deviant practices which are well understood to lead to infertile sexual dynamics, destructive lifestyles, and induce self-sabotaging social dynamics. That these are being directed at young children is especially reprehensible.

The Coronavirus Culling

From the very beginnings of the coronavirus weaponized crisis, the alternative media understood the general gist of what would play out although few in the early days could have predicted that it would be a full-blown weaponized crisis operation similar to that which occurred post-9/11. Given the campaigns of psychological terrorism that had occurred in preceding “outbreaks” of suspicious origin such as the Zika and H1N1 events, it was well understood that the pattern of grossly exaggerating the real-world events was to be expected. However, the coordinated international assault on human rights and the campaigns of domestic economic warfare on the international citizenry undoubtedly took many within the alternative media by surprise.

It was also very well understood within the alternative media sphere of the underlying dynamics which had led to the weaponization of vaccines. A full discussion of the weaponization of vaccines is sufficiently lengthy as to be a treatise in its own right. However, those who had already been attuned to the alternative media sphere years prior to the Coronavirus Paradigm Shifting Operation (PSO) were aware of the legal indemnification of vaccine manufacturers, the trend towards increasingly dangerous vaccine designs, and the escapades of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) and the oligarch Bill Gates in the Third World which involved unethical vaccine testing on vulnerable populations which had left thousands maimed, dead, and injured.

The coronavirus weaponized crisis has merely furthered and accelerated preexisting agendas. Perhaps the only benefit of this operation is that the egregious and undeniable nature of what has transpired has made it painfully clear for those who had hitherto been uninformed of how these agendas truly work. The actions of international governments have forced millions into poverty and has eviscerated large swathes of the independent economic sectors. And for those who have yet to understand this well-known fact: poverty kills. It kills through a myriad of ways: decreased quality of nutrition, the stressors of poverty and hardship, decreased access to healthcare, etcetera. And the international engineering of mass poverty will not only cause instability and suffering, it will lead to the preventable deaths of millions of people.

And of course, the spearhead of depopulation itself during this weaponized crisis are the “vaccines” themselves. There are those who remain fully in the thrall of the delusions of the mainstream propaganda apparatus and still are unwilling to accept disturbing realities which are increasingly impossible to ignore. It is disturbing to accept that vaccines, a technology which should prevent morbidity and mortality, could be commandeered for the purposes of engineering morbidity and mortality. It is difficult to accept that governments would seek to harm the most vulnerable in society, the elderly, the sick, and the young, and yet the policies which have been implemented are specifically designed to target the most vulnerable. It is difficult to accept that our “benevolent masters” are not indeed paternalistic saints, and yet international audiences have repeatedly witnessed psychopathic politicians wining and dining as businesses are shuttered and mocking the public with faux-vaccinations sessions which are designed so only the most dimwitted and gullible amongst audiences are not able to grasp the nature of the theatrical farce.

It is necessary to recapitulate a few of the most germane aspects of the medical experimentation human rights abuses during this weaponized crisis. A healthcare crisis is never a situation in which one introduces novel, unproven, and experimental technologies. This is basic logic and common sense. A healthcare crisis requires tried and tested methods and modalities with known parameters and predictable effects. Introducing insufficiently tested technologies on a universal scale is not merely the biggest human rights abuse in the human history, it will undoubtedly lead to pathology, injury, and death on an incomprehensible scale.

From the very beginning, anyone who was scientifically literate should have been exceedingly concerned about the very nature of the vaccine technologies that were being developed. From the design which entailed confusing the immune system between “self” and “non-self,” to the extent of the tissues that would be infected by the foreign mRNA, to the toxic effects of a pathogenic molecule being freely excreted into the human body, nothing about this technology was sensible or logical. If anything, every aspect of this technology, from the manner in which it was sped through development to the propaganda efforts which attempted to normalize side effects, every aspect of this process conveyed to those who were closely following the developments a sense of great danger.

As a brief explanation to the laity, when one is developing a novel pharmaceutical or medical intervention, it is not merely important to elucidate any potential risks or side effects, but to also study the pathophysiology of the adverse effects and to understand the mechanisms of injury. Only when one fully understands the mechanisms of pathophysiology and the mechanisms of injury can one truly engage in informed use of such a medical intervention. And especially as it concerns the law, if there is no scientific literature which correctly and comprehensively elucidates the mechanisms of injury then there is no way to prove in a court of law that an injury has been caused by an intervention and therefore no way to seek legal redress for death or injury.

Not merely were overtly dangerous technologies introduced without adequately studying the obvious pathophysiology which was to be expected, but a great and holistic psychological warfare campaign has been conducted to censor and ostracize dissident scientists, concerned medical personnel, patient advocates, and hundreds of vaccine injured patients. The latter has been especially reprehensible, to silence citizens who believed in their governments and who came to the realization that they have no legal standing to sue are then silenced when they speak up on digital mediums. This is to deny the voice of the victims, all for the sake of denying the growing inescapable epidemic levels of injury and death associated with these technologies. Even as the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) in the United Sates began to explode with reports of injuries and deaths the mainstream propaganda apparatus hysterically repeated the propaganda mantra of “safe and effective.”

The scientific literature has been slowly catching up to the realities of these vaccine technologies and the results are catastrophic. Not merely are the vaccines functionally useless as a vaccine technology, they are associated with a hellish smorgasbord of morbidity and mortality. Known effects include coagulopathies, heart injury, cardiovascular injury, cancer, neurological issues, autoimmune issues, and sudden death amongst many other serious conditions. Each of the novel vaccines approved in the United States has in a mere year accrued more Vaccine Adverse Events (VAEs) and death than the entirety of the all vaccines put together since the beginning of the VAERS reporting system.

If this were a legitimate crisis and the citizenry were governed by legitimate governments, then such alarm signals would have been publicized, the injections discontinued, investigations would have been conducted, public officials would have been sacked, and any further vaccine development would have gone back to the drawing board. But alas, this event is not functioning under the paradigms of legitimacy but on those of corruption and the illegitimate rule of the international ruling establishment. Not only will these toxic injections remain, they will become mandatory internationally.

There are many who are legitimately befuddled as to why natural immunity is not accepted as legitimate in the introduction of the technocratic totalitarian biosecurity state policies. Simply put, it has nothing to do with immunity, it has to do with regular toxic injections and forcing the peasantry to play the Culling Games. And if you do not play, you do not get to live a normal life, you will be stripped of your rights, and you will be socio-politically and economically persecuted. Play the game or starve to death.

Again, a great many of those who have been injected find such a statement hyperbolic or exaggerated. Many of the laity fail to grasp the realities of clinical medicine and therefore disregard in full the very real implications of what is happening. The principal issue that is missed is that micro-dosing poisons and toxins on a chronic basis will produce detrimental effects. For example, if one contaminates the water supply with small concentrations of lead, not everyone will simply keel over and die but there will be a percentage of the population who will become sick, injured, and die. This is especially true of demographics that are especially vulnerable to the toxicity of lead. And the greater the concentration of lead, the more injury is engineered. Many of the effects may take years or decades to fully manifest but nonetheless the consequences will be serious and catastrophic for patients.

What has been witnessed since the rollout of these experimental technologies is silent subacute pathophysiology followed by sudden very serious clinical manifestations. This is best exemplified by the “collapsing athletes discussion” in which alarming numbers of athletes have suddenly collapsed dead or experienced heart attacks in the middle of playing games. This is the “new normal” of professional athletes having heart attack on live television or young previously healthy teenage athletes suddenly dropping dead on the field of sudden fulminant heart disease. Athletes have a superior cardiac physiology as a consequence of training and exercise. If young perfectly healthy athletes are collapsing at epidemic proportions due to cardiac injury from these technologies one can only imagine what those with lesser cardiac function are liable to incur as a consequence of this cardiac toxicity. Undoubtedly, any increase in cardiovascular disease as a consequence of the vaccines for other demographics will be attributed to the usual suspects. Only in demographics in which such manifestations are especially rare (such as the extremely young) are these toxic effects especially visible and suspicious.

Simply put, being clinically stable post-injection or being stable for weeks or months after the experimental injection does not mean that there is not silent injury occurring. Compounded with the fact that millions of people will be repeatedly injected with these toxic concoctions, one can confidently predict epidemic levels of injury, disease, and death associated with these technologies. Already, soft tissue cancer rates, heart attacks, cardiovascular disease, etcetera, have increased orders of magnitude from their baseline levels.

The collective effect of these mass injections will cause the loss of millions of human life-years and the drop in the average human life expectancy for these generations. However, statistics cannot encapsulate the full sum of human suffering that will be engineered as a consequence of these criminal agendas. One cannot begin to understand the suffering of the loss of a child or the loss of a loved one, let alone grasp the full emotional impact of the injuries and deaths of the multitudes who will succumb to the Culling Game.


The extreme nature of what is occurring is merely a learning moment for those who have yet to awaken to the cruel nature of how these systems function. On many occasions, new products or processes were introduced which were toxic and insufficiently tested and on multiple occasions there have been epidemiological spikes in certain diseases which directly correlated with the novel introduced element. And on nearly every occasion, government agencies from the CDC, OSHA, EPA, FDA, etcetera, have functioned as an extension of industry and suppressed the causal relationship between the introduction of toxic substances and the epidemic of new diseases. This pattern is not merely established, it is extremely predictable.

The international ruling establishment has decided on the culling of billions of people, of this there is little doubt. Indeed, a great majority of the population has been convinced of the official narratives concerning “climate change” as well as zealously adhere to the dogmas of the “solutions” for this weaponized crisis. The “solutions” for this crisis are not to engineer an abundance of clean energy but to engineer energy poverty, the enslavement of population, and to reduce their numbers. Any meaningful and logical exploration of the “solutions” which are being proffered can only arrive at the conclusion that these “solutions” are Trojan Horse tactics for deeply reprehensible oligarchic agendas. Indeed, contemporary Neo-Fascism is in its technocratic totalitarian form as reprehensible as its 20th century counterpart and all of the “solutions” that were forced upon innocents in the near past.

There are a myriad of ways to cull the population and regardless of whether regular poisoning via periodic toxic injections is achieved by international governments at this time, these agendas will be furthered covertly and overtly by any means possible. It is a game that the public is being forced to play whether or not they desire to.


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